Distributors Wants

We invite company who are interested to sell our air conditioners in your country. We proactively provide the technical supports. We can recommend the retail design and suggest the retail prices. 

We also welcome to be our agents and distributors all over the world. We offer you marketing strategies including market segment and 5P to promote our goods.


Crowdfunding Campaign

The indiegogo crowdfunding is live. Please visit as follows. 


Coolala is a portable outdoor air-conditioner, the device lets you cool down with an honest-to-goodness air-conditioning unit anywhere you are. No, this is NOT one of those “air-conditioners” that are actually just fans with ice or water inside, but an actual device that uses the same hardware as the window-type unit you have installed at home. We use our invented micro DC compressor and condenser. Want to have air-conditioning blowing cold air your way while you chop down trees in the mountain and cut them down into logs? Yep, this will work. Want to cool down your sun-repelling tent for an afternoon nap in the middle of a scorching hot day? This will do the trick.